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Landscape Design and Planning

We specialize in the creation of outdoor usable spaces that act as an extension of the house, and have a positive impact on the environment. We listen to each customer and design a solution that meets or exceeds their landscape goals.

Residential Landscape Plans

Here is a list of reasons why you should have a landscape design plan for your yard...

  • Plans help you see how a space will look.
  • Plans allow you to get cost for quantities of materials.
  • Plans take concepts to completion in an organized way.
  • Plans help budget phases to complete your vision.


Hardscapes provide a sense of space, connections and can solve grading and erosion issues. Hardscapes can complement the architecture of the house and incorporate the natural features of the site. Highland Heritage Landscapes uses local materials. The other beauty of Hardscapes is that they last for generations.


Permeable or non-permeable patios create a space for relaxing and entertaining. Highland Heritage Landscapes designs and installs flagstone, brick and paving stone patios.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help create usable spaces, solve grading and erosion issues, and create an aesthetic element in the landscape. We design and build drystack rock and boulder walls, stone and mortar and landscape segmental block walls.

Steps and Pathways

Make the landscape more accessible to all family members and help to enjoy the different spaces in the garden. Highland Heritage Landscapes does a variety of steps and pathways utilizing local natural stone slabs steps and utilizing flagstone, brick and paving stone paths.


An entry to the home lets guest know they have arrived. Parking of vehicles and the flow of people to the entry can be planned. Highland Heritage Landscapes works with several sub-contractors for the driveway work and then we install pathways to connect to your home.

Landscaping Services

Highland Heritage Landscapes works with you from design to build with your outdoor landscaping. Plants and lighting are the perfect way to complement and complete a well designed hardscape design.


Tadd is a Landscape architect with over 35 years of experience. Tadd is always introducing new ornamental and native plants available from local nurseries to complete your landscape design. A big part of the design is including plant pollinators and habitat for birds and wildlife while emphasizing drought tolerant, low maintenance plants with year round color and fragrances.

Low Voltage Lighting

We are proud to now design all LED lighting systems to provide the landscape lighting you want while using less resources and being environmentally conscious. We try to incorporate lighting fixtures that promote “Dark Sky Lighting” to help reduce light pollution.

five stars
"Tad designed our patio during COVID. He and his team were very diligent about being cautious while they were around us. The design and outcome were exactly what we were wanting! We have enjoyed our outdoor space and have highly recommended Tad to friends and clients."
Ellen and Joe McGuire