Landscape from Design to Build

master plan     Highland Heritage Landscapes design and build project for a customer who had several problems with their existing landscape.

     The house had been built about 20 years ago, and the original concrete sidewalk and steps had settled and cracked in several areas.  This caused the sidewalk and steps to be unsafe and unsightly.  The top of the steps started at the bottom of a long drive and had created a path for water to drain from the drive directly to the foundation of the house.steps before

We discussed the problems with the home owners.  Then we explained several options from installing a drain and simply replacing the sidewalk, to using this opportunity to create more usable garden space, and to make the transition from the driveway to the entry more accessible by creating terraces for landings in-between sets of steps as a place to rest and relax.  We discussed with the home owners that we could provide the design knowledge to achieve this.  Once we got the “ok” from the home owner, we went ahead with designing The Plan.

Highland Heritage Landscapes came back with a Master Garden Plan that showed a new pathway and steps, with landings and rock walls for garden terraces and planters.  The Master Plan included a complete planting plan.  We proposed low voltage landscape lighting and a water conserving irrigation system as options.  From the Master Plan, we broke the job down with estimates for all the work itemized for the home owner to decide what they could do.progress



We were able to present a solution and give clear costs to achieve the original goals of the home owners, while improving the entire yard.  This gave the home owners the confidence that this was a project that would add value to their house and to their enjoyment.steps in transition



Highland Heritage Landscapes negotiated a lump sum contract and gave the home owners start and completion dates.  Our crews worked in an orderly and professional way from demolition, grading, drainage, masonry, irrigation, low voltage lighting, planting, mulch and finally the installation of sod lawn.


Highland Heritage Landscapes continues to work with the home owners on a bi-annual schedule to help with the maintenance of the garden.  We have enjoyed watching this job grow from concept to completion.